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The release of the Pharos iMFP for Xerox version 2.5.1 is now available.  This is a major update to our iMFP for Xerox solution which is now software only!  No more need for the PS/X hardware box in the mix.  The software and documentation are available in the iMFP's & Omegas place in the Pharos community.



In This Release


Software Only Solution


Starting with version 2.5 the Pharos iMFP for Xerox is a software only solution. The previously required PS/X hardware is no longer needed. A server based Management Console now manages and serves all of the Xerox devices in an environment.


Integrated Device Configuration


The Management Console now takes over the job of device configuration. This means that, on many devices, no user interaction to configure the device is required. On some of the older device models there are some settings which cannot be made automatically by the application. These are flagged during install and the user is informed of what need to be manually configured (or checked). This results in a significantly simpler installation process.


Improved User Authentication Time


The time for user authentication is significantly improved over the previous PS/X hardware based solution.


Copy Job Limits


Xerox devices that support EIP 2.0 or higher are able to take advantage of the Xerox Job Limits function for copy. When this is enabled a user’s copy job is pre-scanned before processing begins. Before starting the print process a balance check is made against the server to ensure that the user has sufficient funds. If they do then the job is started. If they do not then the job is denied and they are informed of the insufficient balance. See the Pharos web site for a list of Xerox models which support Job Limits:




Non-standard Device Configuration Support


Devices that are configured for non-standard network environments (HTTP not on port 80, HTTPS not on port 443, custom SNMP passwords) can now be accommodated.