John Stewart

iMFP for Xerox version 1.1.5 general release

Blog Post created by John Stewart on Jun 7, 2013

Starting today iMFP for Xerox version 1.1.5 is available for general release.  The primary focus of this release is to add support for the new Xerox ConnectKey family of devices. These devices use the new Xerox Common Controller which means that the configuration experience for all of these is identical.  The configuration process for all of these is covered in the single document Pharos iMFP for Xerox Printer Supplement Connect Key.


The firmware can be downloaded here: PSX-1.1.5-revision-10765.


The following items are addressed in this release:


  • Added support for the WC58xx, WC72xx and WC78xx ConnectKey devices
  • Updated support for the ColorQube 8700 – 8900 – 9301 – 9302 – 9303 to use the ConnectKey versions of these
  • Modified DNS hostname registration to operate correctly with the Common Controller
  • Ignore card swipe events if the system is in the process of logging a user on
  • Modified the scraping of JBA logs to prevent double charging for the copies with the Common Controller