Uniprint 8.3 Pharos Administrator and Popup Client 'Arabic Language Support' Hot Fixes

Blog Post created by hsaad on May 17, 2013

It’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Uniprint 8.3 Pharos Administrator and Popup Client hotfixes for download.


Pharos Administrator (Rev 386)

This hotfix is a prerequisites for the Popup Client hotfix and it addresses the following:

  • The Popup Question 'Username' has been changed to allow a maximum answer of 64 characters vs. previous 32 maximum characters.
  • Scripts are no longer truncated if they contain strange newlines or whitespace at the end of the first line.
  • In the Server Configuration context, changes to the Server hostname property are now saved correctly.
  • In the Computer Groups context, the 'End of Day Shutdown (Minutes)' dropdown list is now populated correctly when multiple computer groups are selected.
  • Popup System Questions now support translation into Arabic.


Popup Client (Rev 396)

This hotfix addresses the following:

  • Supports translation in Arabic language.
  • When "Allow Last Answers" option is enabled under Popup Question Group, under certain conditions it was possible to locate Popup answers within memory. All 'hidden' Popup Questions are now encrypted in memory in order to protect any sensitive information. For all information about the hotfixes, please review the readme files included with each hotfix. The RSS Feeds will be updated shortly.