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It’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Uniprint 8.3 Pharos Administrator and Popup Client hotfixes for download.


Pharos Administrator (Rev 386)

This hotfix is a prerequisites for the Popup Client hotfix and it addresses the following:

  • The Popup Question 'Username' has been changed to allow a maximum answer of 64 characters vs. previous 32 maximum characters.
  • Scripts are no longer truncated if they contain strange newlines or whitespace at the end of the first line.
  • In the Server Configuration context, changes to the Server hostname property are now saved correctly.
  • In the Computer Groups context, the 'End of Day Shutdown (Minutes)' dropdown list is now populated correctly when multiple computer groups are selected.
  • Popup System Questions now support translation into Arabic.


Popup Client (Rev 396)

This hotfix addresses the following:

  • Supports translation in Arabic language.
  • When "Allow Last Answers" option is enabled under Popup Question Group, under certain conditions it was possible to locate Popup answers within memory. All 'hidden' Popup Questions are now encrypted in memory in order to protect any sensitive information. For all information about the hotfixes, please review the readme files included with each hotfix. The RSS Feeds will be updated shortly.

I am pleased to bring to you the availability of Pharos MobilePrint 1.3.1, which builds off of the success of our previous MobilePrint versions and offers much more. For those that haven’t yet taken advantage of this technology, MobilePrint is a solution that seamlessly integrates with all the existing Pharos capabilities you enjoy today (or may be considering), making the jobs of users (students/employees) as well as administrators and IT professionals much easier.


This simple, secure and flexible printing environment means:

  • Email-to-print, web-to-print, web release, and more…
  • No driver or application downloads are required.
  • You can submit your job and release it at any Pharos-secured printer.
  • It’s easy to manage user account transactions (free print, tracking, chargeback).
  • High level of document fidelity, supporting all the most common file formats.
  • Superior document security with Pharos Secure Release Here® technology.
  • High availability and scalability for universities and organizations of any size.


What’s New with MobilePrint 1.3.1?

  1. Web Submission and Release
    Users can now release their jobs from their computers as well as mobile devices using a web interface that allows them to upload documents up to 50MB in size, change finishing options, preview, delete, and print documents, as well as, view their balance(s) and print job cost(s).
  2. Additional File Formats
    MobilePrint already supported Microsoft® Office documents and PDFs, the most commonly printed documents.  Now with MobilePrint 1.3.1 it now also supports the printing of a variety of image files, Open Document Format files, and web links to the supported document types.
  3. Improved E-mail Registration security
    Users can register additional addresses (if allowed) by entering their email into the internal authenticated Web Release website.  Then, once they confirm the request from that email account, they can submit jobs.  Organizations can make the process even simpler by prepopulating each user’s email address in the Pharos software.
  4. Spam filtering
    Additional configuration options to protect your infrastructure.
  5. Pharos Web Administrator
    Simplification of the administration and additional configuration options allow for improvements to the user experience.

To learn more about MobilePrint, please join the MobilePrint group and contact your Pharos sales rep (Pharos Sales Contacts) or value added reseller.

It’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Uniprint 8.3 Print Services hotfix for download.


This hotfix addresses the issues below:

  • Adds support for the use of DNS aliases for server names.
  • In scripting, the Win32.GetJob value returned for the MachineName property of a print job was unintentionally returning the name of the server the job was sent to, rather than the originating client machine name. The value now returns the client machine name as per previous versions of Uniprint. This value is used for sending messages to a user regarding their print job, when the job is not submitted via a Popup-package installed printer.
  • A record for each submitted print job is held in the Secure Release Service job store database for the lifetime of the job. Popup data stored along with the print job record is now encrypted.
  • When using an executable billing plug-in, where the balance call returns multiple balances, these individual balances were combined to give only a single total displayed at a release station. Following application of this hot fix, multiple balances are now individually listed (along with the total balance).
  • A performance enhancement for the PrintEndJob plug-in point has been added. For all information, please review the readme file included with the hotfix.


For all information, please review the readme file included with the hotfix.