Lindsay Lamb

Announcing Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.1: Yesterday's Data Becomes Today's Baseline.

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Apr 22, 2013

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.1 has arrived,  and is equipped with new features and product integrations that further enhances your ability to customize your experience, optimize your equipment fleet and investments, modify user behavior, and take meaningful action on the abundance of data at your fingertips.


A brief overview of the new features you need to be aware of:


  1. Delegate printing
    Managers can empower their assistant(s) to collect print jobs on their behalf.
  2. Encrypted storage of print jobs
    Jobs are encrypted while awaiting release, ensuring important business information remains confidential.
  3. Support for Mac environments
    Cross-platform functionality plays nice with computer environments, regardless if it is primarily PC, Mac, Linux or a mixture of all.
  4. MobilePrint
    Add Pharos MobilePrint and enable printing from any mobile device into your Blueprint system.
  5. Support for LDAP authentication
    Existing Active Directory and LDAP Authentication can be leveraged out-of-the-box for a quick and simple initial setup.
  6. Scheduled reporting
    Monthly standard and custom reports in Blueprint Enterprise 5.1 can now be automatically distributed to anyone interested in the state of print in your environment.
  7. Normalizer updates
    Normalizer supports a wider range of print environment scenarios to better accommodate a print environment that might not be as standardized as you would hope.


How to get Blueprint Enterprise 5.1

For upgrade and installation information, as well as additional details for each of the features above, your Pharos sales representative or value added reseller of Pharos Products is available and ready to assist you.


Don't forget to join the Blueprint Enterprise group, if you haven't already!