Hi Everyone,


It’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Uniprint 8.3 Virtual Cash Translator and MAC OS Popup 8.3.3 hotfixes for download from www.pharos.com

Uniprint 8.3:

  • Pharos Popup 8.3.3:  This hotfix replaces Pharos Popup 8.3.2 and address the following:
    • Using instead of “localhost” which was a problem when Popup client passes a local IP address to Print Server for Notify communication and the address was not reachable by the Print Server.
    • Uninstaller issues after upgrade from previous version.
    • Prompt the end-user to confirm their personal account charge when Cost Center is not selected.


  • Virtual Cash Translator: This hotfix is compatible with Uniprint 8.0 – 8.3 and it replace the original release supported Uniprint 8.0 and earlier.  This release also supports Virtual Cash Acceptors with touch screens, in addition it makes better use of the capabilities of third generation Boscop virtual cash hardware.


For more information, please review the readme file included with each hotfix.