Lindsay Lamb

iMFP for Konica Minolta version 1.3 general release

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Apr 4, 2013

We are very pleased to announce the general release of the iMFP for Konica Minolta version 1.3.  Support has been added for the newest KM engines (Bizhub C224, C284, C364, C454, C554, C654, C754).  Demo mode has been added along with searchable cost centers.  In addition, a nagging problem of being able to switch between print and copy screens has been cleaned up.


New Features:

  • Allow the user to switch to Copy after logging in to Print.
  • Added support for the new generation of Konica Minolta iMFPs (Bizhub C224, C284, C364, C454, C554, C654, C754).
  • Removed the Copy/Print selector on the main login screen. It was replaced by a terminal setting in Uniprint, "Initial Function to Display after Login". That can be set to "PharosPrint", "Make Copies", or "Menu". In addition, the Device Restriction setting in the Management Console was removed, since it is no longer necessary.
  • Added the ability to search for cost centers. Also added a setting in Uniprint to set the maximum number of rows shown in a list of charge codes. If the number of available charge codes exceeds that maximum, the user will be presented with the ability to search. Otherwise they are able to select one from a list, as in earlier versions of the Pharos iMFP for Konica Minolta software.
  • Added Demo Mode, for demonstrating the capabilities of the software without requiring a Pharos Uniprint or Blueprint server.
  • Changed the card reader settings for Konica Minolta devices in Blueprint or Uniprint, to make the settings more understandable.
  • Added settings in Uniprint to allow bit-level operations on custom card reader data.
  • Prompt the user in the installer to open port 50004 in the Windows firewall.
  • Added a Test Port button to the Service Settings, so if the user changes the port setting from the default, they can test to see whether that port is open in the Windows firewall.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem which could cause the MFP to display the wrong user's login information after a user logs in.
  • Fixed a problem which allowed a Uniprint user to make free prints if they manually select an odd media type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the system to hang after the user selected a cost center, if more than 20 cost centers were configured.
  • Allow an equals sign as a valid character when reading data from a card reader.
  • Fixed a problem which caused an Internal Error on the C35 when using certain cost center names.