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We're happy to announce that Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 R2 is now available for any customers who need support for Microsoft Server 2016. This is a roll-up of all 5.2 service packs, up to and including SP3, so any customers who are on 5.0 or 5.1 can now get up to date with a single upgrade. For more information on this release, please refer to the supporting documentation here:

We are pleased to announce the release of our new iMFP software for Xerox, which includes support for VersaLink devices. Like most Pharos iMFPs, this software is backward-compatible with older models and automatically deploys the appropriate configuration settings for the device you’re securing. This simplifies the installation experience. In addition to VersaLink, this release supports AltaLink and ConnectKey devices.



Thank you! If you have any questions, please reach out to

We are pleased to announce the latest update for Blueprint Enterprise 5.2!  Service Pack 3 adds important security improvements and features. Here’s a summary of the major changes in this update:


Security Improvements

To help maintain the highest security standards for your organization's print environment, Blueprint Enterprise now supports SNMP v3 and TLS 1.2 in all components.


Delegate Printing in Print Center

Employees can now assign delegates using their web browser, even after a print job has been submitted. Now that delegate printing is no longer managed at the client, employees with multiple workstations can manage their delegates from a single location. This also enables delegate printing in all VDI environments.


Support for Active Directory Groups

You can now manage user access centrally in Active Directory and Blueprint Enterprise will inherit the changes. Customers who use Windows Authentication for SQL Server access can now manage Blueprint and SQL Server access from the same AD group.


Improved Reports and Report Scheduling

The new Meter Comparison Report shows the difference between print volume tracked by Site Monitor and the Print Scout for each device. This makes it easier to identify and reconcile discrepancies between meters due to common occurrences such as printing configuration sheets and occasional direct printing. Also, you can now schedule reports for delivery daily, weekly, or monthly.


Integration with MobilePrint 2.2.1

MobilePrint now supports FIPS-compliant servers, the RAW protocol in addition to LPR, Microsoft Office 2016 documents, and page-range printing (in Print Center).



+ For more details on these changes and new features, please refer to the Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack 3: New Features Guide.


+ The Service Pack 3 release package is available here: Blueprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes


+ Supporting documentation: Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 Documentation (Updated for Service Pack 5.4)

Pharos was recently presented with its fourth straight Quality Excellence Award at the 2016 HP Partner Conference. We are pleased and thankful to be recognized in this way by HP, and we will continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our partners.


In the words of Ed Wingate, VP & GM of JetAdvantage Document Solutions at Hewlett-Packard:


“At HP, quality means products developed with the customer’s needs above all else. The Quality Excellence Award recognizes a partner who demonstrates this exacting standard of quality in its print solutions. In their collaboration with HP on HP JetAdvantage Insights, Pharos Systems International has been quick to meet new feature requests and changing requirements driven by customer feedback. Response from customers has been uniformly full of praise. For their outstanding work on Insights and other Pharos solutions, HP proudly presents Pharos with the 2016 HP JetAdvantage Solutions Quality Excellence Award.”

iOS app icon.pngThe Pharos Print app is now available for Android and iOS devices! You can download the Android app free on the Google Play store. The app integrates with Pharos Print Center in both Uniprint and Blueprint environments.






With the Pharos Print app, you can:

  • Easily submit documents from your Android device to any Pharos-secured printer.
  • View all documents in your queue.
  • Preview your documents and edit finishing options before you print.
  • Review your available funds and job cost (when applicable).



What you'll need to support the Pharos Print app on Android devices

  • Users will need a mobile device running Android 4.03 or later.


  • For Pharos Uniprint environments:
    • Uniprint 9.0 R2 Update 1 or later
    • Pharos MobilePrint 2.1 or later
    • Pharos Print Center Services 2.4 or later must be applied to all machines running the Print Center Web and/or Pharos API Print Center Services, and optionally the Pharos Database.
    • The server running Print Center Web and/or Pharos API Print Center Services requires a security certificate signed by a certificate authority.


  • For Pharos Blueprint Enterprise environments:
    • Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack 1 or later
    • MobilePrint 2.1 or later


>> More information: Pharos Print App Help

>> The Pharos Print app for iOS devices is available in the Apple iTunes store here.

A few weeks ago we shared agenda sessions that will be presented by Pharos staff at our Pharos Discover 2016 Conference in New Orleans on February 22-24.  Today we are sharing details behind 3 product training workshops taking place on Wednesday, February 24th, for Beacon, Blueprint, and Uniprint.


These workshops are only open to conference attendees, so if you haven’t registered for Pharos Discover 2016 yet, now through Wednesday is your chance to get your conference ticket for $300.  That’s $150 savings! Seats are filling up (less than 45 are left)-- and limited space is available at the Hotel Monteleone-- so guarantee your attendance in New Orleans in 2016 by registering today.


Pharos Beacon provides unique visibility into both print and user information that can fundamentally change the way printing takes place in your environment. How do customers use this data to make changes that reduce cost while increasing convenience? Join us for a practical demonstration and open conversation on how Beacon data can be used to understand how print is created in your environment and how to plan a better future state.


Topics Include:

  • Managing print cost data
    • Understanding default cost
    • Overriding with my actual costs
    • Do I pay too much for print?
  • Data analysis for optimizing your fleet configuration
    • Using device utilization data to understand cost and convenience
    • Device age and complexity data and using it to improve cost and up-time
  • 80/20 in action: How to identify outliers
    • Identifying key drivers of cost, volume, and inconvenience
  • Fleet and Print data
    • How to use both data sets to fully understand your environment



Pharos Blueprint has become a foundational product when it comes to managing and securing print in the corporate space. For customers who are not in a position to take advantage of the value of cloud technology, Blueprint provides a rich feature set using an on-premise approach but is positioned to take advantage of the value of a cloud based solution.


Topics include:

  • High availability
    • Designing a resilient Blueprint environment
  • Automatic updates
    • The future of touch-free updates in Blueprint
  • Creating effective print policies
    • Use the Policy Print rules engine for more than just changing print behavior
  • Getting the most out of Site Monitor
    • The many uses of Blueprint’s best keep secret



Uniprint has been the industry leader in print cost recovery solutions for over twenty years.  Pharos continues to innovate and improve this robust product.  When paired with MobilePrint to add BYOD support, it becomes a well-rounded solution to meet the ever-changing needs of the higher-education market.


Topics include:

  • Upgrade paths and processes
    • Benefits of upgrading
    • Proven update methods
  • How to get the most value from your Uniprint logs
    • Using logging to troubleshoot your Uniprint and MobilePrint system
  • Print client deployment methods
    • Reviewing the various choices for printing into your Uniprint and MobilePrint system
  • Using the Print Center
    • How the Print Center can improve your user and administrator experiences


To stay up-to-date and learn more about Pharos Discover 2016-- including who is currently registered to attend, agenda items, and more, visit the event page on the Pharos Community.  We look forward to seeing you there!


(...and if you haven't registered, claim one of the last 45 seats as yours by Wednesday, December 2nd, and save $150 on standard ticket pricing!)

Uniprint 9.0 R2 Now Supports Android and iOS devices


  • Users can upload files to their secure print queue directly from their device
  • Preview and set finishing options for print jobs

  • Full Print Center functionality on Android devices

  • Add funds with the Pharos Credit Card Gateway (optional)

  • Release print jobs directly from your device (optional)

  • Print Center 2.4.1 now supports Safari 9


This short video provides a preview of the Pharos Print Center (with MobilePrint) on an Android Device.



This update is downloaded and installed directly from the Pharos Administrator using the new Uniprint Updater Service in Uniprint 9.0 R2.


Additional information (must login to community to view):


Uniprint 9.0 R2 Update 1 Release Notes

Print Center 2.4 Release Notes

PPC on Android.jpg


Beyond Boundaries


***Tickets are 50% now through August 31st*** ($225 savings)


LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana

VENUE: The historic Hotel Monteleone

DATES: February 22 - February 24, 2016 (half day Wednesday)



Multiple Tracks

Pharos Discover will encompass parallel sessions for customers, partners and individuals who are interested in the evolution of print management. Join any session that interests you to engage with your peers and learn how others are making print the way it should be in their organizations.


Product Training

Take advantage of training workshops to gain strategic knowledge and experience with Uniprint, Blueprint, and Beacon.


Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Topics will include:

• What’s happening at Pharos, including our product roadmap

• Industry benchmarks for devices, documents, and users. (Have you ever benchmarked your organization's printing habits and hardware against industry best practices?)

• Innovation and change happening in the world of MPS

• Print management roll-out communications:  Best practices for engaging and educating end-users

• Security, BYOD, and sustainability: What's trending?

• Server-less pull printing, our new Sentry product line, and other tech topics

• Customer and partner case study presentations, and much more!



Stay tuned for more details about the agenda, training, networking activities, expanded partner programs and fun activities.  Look out for additional communications in your inbox and posts on our community.


***Tickets are 50% now through August 31st*** ($225 savings)

(As we get closer to show time, the price will slowly increase, so the sooner you register the more you will save!)

You can reserve your seat by going directly to the event webpage, or visit our Pharos Discover Conference space on the community for more information.Pharos Discover Conference





Making print the way it should be is a movement on a global scale. With customers and partners attending the conference from all over the world, this theme emphasizes the global impact of print and encompasses the many countries and companies involved in the industry.  Come to Pharos Discover 2016! Let’s learn and discover together--regardless of your market or role within your company; we believe everyone has something to contribute.


If you have any questions that will help you plan for this event, please reach out to Lindsay Lamb ( and/or Susy Bordin (

Introducing Uniprint 9.0 R2, Blueprint Enterprise 5.2, and Sentry SR25!


Uniprint 9.0 R2 and Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 both introduce several features and performance enhancements that make it easier than ever for you to secure and manage your print environment.

Sentry SR25 is the first product in our new Sentry line of secure pull print products for the corporate enterprise. It brings an unprecedented level of simplicity to enterprise deployments for our technology partners and corporate customers.





Key Points

  • Uniprint software updates can now be downloaded and applied directly from the Uniprint Administrator. Also, all previous Uniprint updates and hot fixes are included in the Uniprint 9.0 R2 installer
  • In addition to PayPal, other credit card processing vendors are supported
  • There is now one central location for MobilePrint 2.1 and Print Center settings and configuration
  • New Pharos branding is present in all Uniprint components


Learn More:


Product Owner: Jeff Herald





Key Points

  • Supports Pharos MobilePrint 2.0, Pharos Print Center, and our Sentry line of secure print release products
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft® SQL Server 2014
  • New Pharos branding and several new Blueprint reports that make it easier to identify outliers and savings metrics


Learn More: 


Product Owner: Carl Conley





Key Points

  • Replaces the Omega PS60 in Blueprint Enterprise environments
  • Same functionality as the Omega PS60 but much simpler to install and maintain
  • The person installing and maintaining an SR25 needs far less technical knowledge
  • Fast and easy installation: as little as 2 minutes per device
  • Easily transfer an SR25 between devices
  • No server-side configuration
  • Includes CAC/PIV authentication for federal customers


Learn More


Product Owner: John Stewart

Pharos is pleased to announce that the latest versions of Blueprint and Uniprint will be available this summer!


Coming Soon: Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.2


Coming Soon: Pharos Uniprint 9.0 R2

Blueprint Enterprise 5.0 Service Pack 4.1 is now available for download

This service pack is now available for immediate download.


  • This Service Pack can be applied to all existing Blueprint 5.0 servers.



Included in this Service Pack:


  1. It is no longer necessary to check the confirmation box to allow printing when a user gets a Warning Policy Popup. The presence of the confirmation box is now configurable.
  2. Up to 18,000 printer models are now included to make normalization more precise and increase its automation.
  3. System Health e-mail notifications can now be sent to multiple recipients to provide for a better response to system issues when they occur.
  4. Support for sending a job using RAW instead of LPR from Secure Release Here improves job delivery.
  5. The status of the device can now be checked before releasing a secure job so that jobs only get released to devices that can print. (Requires SNMP to be enabled at the device.)
  6. Option added to turn off printer status check. Also, the default SNMP request timeout can be modified.
  7. Enhancements to the SQLite database to significantly improve the overall performance of the Secure Release system.
  1. An unattended update feature for updating multiple Collectors simultaneously reducing the amount of time, effort and resources required to update the system.



For more information on this Service Pack, please review the readme file.



The release package along with all of the documentation is available in the Pharos Community Site for Blueprint

In order to access this information, you must login to the community and become a member of this group.

The community moderator will approve your request to join if you have not already done so.



If you are unable to use the Pharos Community self-service option, you can alternatively request a direct link for this software from Pharos Support

There is just 1 MORE DAY to register for the Pharos User Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, taking place February 10-12th, 2015.  If you have been pushing registration off until the last minute or your to-do list got buried, this is your reminder that time is running out!


Being a professional procrastinator during my college years, I understand that sometimes intentions get put on the back burner.  That is why I made a special “Procrastination Appreciation Event” for those who still plan to attend the User Conference, and am providing one FINAL promo code, just for you.


As an added bonus, we also want to announce that all User Conference attendees will be the first to be given access to-- and interact with-- our new Pharos Print App for iOS 7+ devices. (More details will be sent to the final list of attendees next week.)


Being one of the coordinators of this event, I know how much time we have spent ensuring a wonderful experience for our customers and partners from the very moment you arrive.  This is an event we put on just for you!


Our co-founders are traveling from New Zealand to participate in the conference, as well as customers from all over the world!  If you have not registered, please do not miss this opportunity to join your colleagues, Pharos staff, and our technology partners at this year’s conference.  You will not only learn how to get the most out of your current Pharos solutions, but what is coming next as we explore mindful print solutions in 2015, 2016, and beyond.


If you need more information, I’ve shared helpful links below:


What are the topics?

Check out our entire conference schedule to learn about agenda topics, speakers, meals, and events.


Who is going?

View the Attendee List.


What’s in it for me?

Learn what will be happening at the event, to help you get the most out of your Pharos experience.


How do I sign up?

You can reserve your seat by going directly to our event webpage.


I’d like to learn more about the venue.

Our User Conference is taking place at the FireSky Resort & Spa, and our pictures don’t do it justice. It is a beautiful location for an event, for bringing your family along, and soaking in the desert sun.


I have more questions!

Our Account Managers are standing by to answer any specific questions you may have about this event:


Rachel Deaton



Stephanie Henninger



We hope to see you there!


REGISTER NOW with this final promo code >>

Most organizations don’t know the true cost of their printing, or how they can optimize their print environment to save money and improve convenience. Don't let this be you.


Attendees at last year’s User Conference saw the early stages of Pharos Beacon™, and now it’s officially here and making waves!


Companies and universities are quickly learning how to significantly reduce their operating costs by managing print with Beacon. With the Beacon Fleet Manager™ component—available to you at no cost through June 2015—you will quickly have a comprehensive, multi-vendor view of print from all your network devices. Fleet Manager reveals the volume, service, and operating cost information you need to maintain a more efficient fleet.


It's finally easy to collect information related to your print volume, meters, toner, and device states, all on demand with minimal effort. You'll also enjoy all the benefits of a secure cloud solution, including:

  • Hands-free software management.  Get instant and frequent software updates with no effort on your part.

  • Fast learning curve. With Beacon's modern, intuitive interface, you will quickly become a master of your print environment. Plus, you'll always have fast access to the answers you need, right here in the Pharos Community.

  • Zero barriers. Our subscription model eliminates risk, and there's no need to purchase or maintain servers. You can achieve total device awareness in about one hour!


Get started today!

Beacon Fleet Manager is available at no cost through June 2015, and it’s easy to get started.  Contact for more information. Want to discuss it with your colleagues? Our Beacon Fleet Manager Brochure  can shine even more light on how you can quickly save your organization time and money.


Beacon will also be a topical focus at our User Conference in February, with subject matter experts there to answer additional questions and talk to its future; so we encourage you to register for our User Conference to learn even more about this new offering and what's coming.

We have slowly been posting session descriptions for the topics that will be presented at our User Conference, and we have had several customers sign up for presentation slots as well!


A TON of great content is planned over the 2.5 days, so check out the list below and register today if you haven't already! (Topics may be moved to different days, but this is the plan at the moment! Click on the links to view session descriptions)


Ticket costs also include breakfast every day, lunch during the full days of the conference, snacks, an evening reception on Day 1, happy hours, and the sponsor exhibition.



All tickets for our User Conference are $399* through Wednesday, December 10th

*2014 User Conference Alumni will receive an additional $20 OFF, making your ticket price $379!

Use promo code ‘CYBERWEEK’ to get your $50-$70 savings!



Please also remember to use our room block rate.  If you book your room outside of our room block, prices are significantly higher (by almost $100)!



8:00-9:00am  Attendee breakfast
9:00-9:30am  Keynote
9:30-9:45am  Opening Remarks with Kevin Pickhardt, Pharos CEO
9:45-10:30am  Pharos and the Cloud
10:30-10:45am  BREAK and AM Snack
10:45-11:30am  Product Forecast
11:30-12:30pm  Think like a Hacker
12:30-2:00pm  LUNCH and Sponsor Exhibition
2:00-3:00pm  Identifying and Solving Common Printing Problems with Beacon
3:00-3:45pm  Fleet Swap, Upgrades, and Beta Testing Oh My! -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale
3:45-4:00pm  BREAK and PM Snack
4:00-4:45pm  Implementing a Test Environment
4:45-5:15pm  SaaS Discussion and Feedback
5:15-6:00pm  FireSky Happy Hour
6:00-10:00pm  Evening reception at the Roaring Fork




7:30-8:30am  Attendee breakfast
8:30-8:45am  Day 2 Remarks with Kevin Pickhardt, Pharos CEO
8:45-9:30am  Art of the RFP
9:30-10:15am  Fleet Management
10:15-10:30am  BREAK and AM Snack
10:30-11:15am  Accounting for Every Print and Copy -- University of California, Santa Cruz
11:15-12:00pm  Sustainability
12:00-1:30pm  LUNCH and Sponsor Exhibition
1:30-2:00pm  Disaster Recovery and High Availability
2:00-2:45pm  Clustered Printing -- University of Illinois at Chicago
2:45-3:30pm  Customer Speaker to be confirmed
3:30-3:45pm  BREAK and PM Snack
3:45-4:15pm  Finding Your Voice in SCRUM
4:15-4:45pm  Principles of Change Management
4:45-5:00pm  Day 2 Wrap Up
5:00-6:00pm  FireSky Happy Hour
6:00-10:00pm  Open




7:30-8:30am  Attendee breakfast
8:30-9:15am  Topic to be Confirmed
9:15-9:45am  Universal Printing
9:45-10:15am  Simplify User Account Creation/Card Registration
10:15-10:45am  Pharos Q&A with Pharos Senior Leadership and Subject Matter Experts
10:45-11:15am  Closing Remarks
11:15-11:30am  AM Snack to Go and Departure



Our Pharos User Conference will be here before we know it, so make sure to reserve your seat today before our cyber week special runs out and spots fill up!


And if you are wondering who went last year, we have the previous attendee list posted.


Have questions? Let us know!

Send a private message on the Pharos Community; or e-mail me (, your Pharos Sales Representative, or Account Manager.

Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  The deals keep going, and we wanted to create our own special offer!


If you missed the early bird special, this is your moment to get preferred pricing for the Pharos Discover Conference.


All tickets for our User Conference are $399* through Wednesday, December 10th

*2014 User Conference Alumni will receive an additional $20 OFF, making your ticket price $379!


Use promo code ‘CYBERWEEK’ to get your $50-$70 savings!


Come and Join Us.


(or click to learn more.  We’ve been posting agenda topics, hotel information, and other details.)