Lindsay Lamb

Telecommunications Firm and Blueprint Enterprise Case Study

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on May 1, 2013

The problem they were trying to solve: Unmanaged environment, out-of-control spending

A Fortune 50 telecommunications provider in the United States realized it had a problem. Following extensive IT industry analyst research, executives of the company came to the conclusion that their organization’s printing environment was completely unmanaged; furthermore, management realized that they were spending an exorbitant amount of money on print costs. Management within the organization didn’t know how much equipment was owned, or where the equipment itself was located, and offices were overflowing with expensive-to-run desktop inkjets. Additionally, executives weren’t aware of how many pages their employees printed per month, or how much it was costing them to print each of these pages, and the amount of money spent on other printing costs, such as maintenance, ink/toner, and paper, was unknown to them as well.


According to one employee in the upper management of the company, “We didn’t have the monitoring systems in place that would allow us to track these metrics, and as a result, we weren’t able to properly assess how much our organization was spending on print costs.” It wasn’t long before this telecommunications giant took the initiative to look for a software solution to bring their printing environment under control.


The Solution: Pharos Blueprint Enterprise – Identify, manage, and optimize your printer fleet

The organization began pilot-testing various solutions and performing assessments of their printing environment soon after. The company decided to pilot-test Pharos Blueprint Enterprise, the industry-leading print cost management solution, on 5,000 employee desktops within their main office location. They evaluated Blueprint’s monitoring and reporting capabilities and compared them to the other print monitoring solutions which were tested. After analyzing the results of the pilot-test, the company selected Pharos Blueprint Enterprise as the best-in-class Enterprise Print Asset Management solution they believed would best position them to save money on printing costs.


Pharos installed Blueprint on over 150,000 systems, located in 5,000 buildings in over 1,500 cities, in three weeks with two IT resources. In just a short period of time, the telecommunications giant learned that they stood to experience significant savings simply by streamlining, optimizing, and managing their printing environments with the Pharos’s Blueprint Enterprise solution. Within the first quarter following installation, Blueprint enabled the company to discover that their unmanaged printing environment was costing them approximately $15 million dollars a year in printing costs alone.


Before Blueprint Optimization:

  • Over 50,000 unique devices
  • 749 unique models
  • 2.3 devices: 1 employee
  • 99% of devices had autilization rate of less than 4% (target rate is 7-12%)
  • Average site cost perpage: 6.34 cents
  • Average site b/w cost perpage: 4.9 cents
  • Average site color cost perpage: 21.67 cents
  • Average inkjet cost perpage: 18.45 cents

The Results: On track to save over $3 million dollars annually on ink/toner alone!

Once Pharos Blueprint Enterprise was installed, executives within the company were finally able to see user transaction-level information with date and time stamps, allowing visibility into user printing habits, along with insight into the misallocation of costly network printing devices. Blueprint provided executives within the company the data on how much they are spending per page on expensive-to-run desktop inkjets versus more cost-effective laser printers, what they’re spending on color versus black-and-white print jobs, and detailed information on device utilization rates as well. Blueprint also showed management that their employee-to-device ratio was an astonishingly low 2.3:1, and that the company had a large number of expensive network printers plugged into users’ desktop systems. With Blueprint in place, this highly organized company is now in the process of collecting and analyzing data armed with the essential information they need to optimize their environment in the coming months. Furthermore, the organization is currently putting into place new restrictions and standards governing both user behavior and the procurement of new printers, allowing executives to project savings of over $3 million dollars annually on ink and toner alone.


Blueprint provided this company with the knowledge and power to take charge of their environment, and to reduce the widespread costs associated with printing in a large, multinational corporation. This telecommunications firm is now able to evaluate per page printing costs on all devices in their organization so that when they begin to look at refreshing their printer fleet, they have the tools in place to recognize exactly what kinds of devices they need and to negotiate better deals with vendors. Blueprint put this organization in the driver’s seat to not only discover print costs hidden across their enterprise, but also to take that information and leverage it into a cost-savings opportunity for their organization. According to one system manager, “Blueprint Enterprise produced concise and informative reports that gave us the critical information we needed to make good, cost-effective decisions.”