Lindsay Lamb

CA Technologies Case Study

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on May 1, 2013

The Problem

CA Technologies knew it had a problem. The company had a large fleet of 10-year-old devices, many acquired through acquisitions. Facilities Services didn’t know exactly what printers and copiers they had or where they were located. In addition, their copy rooms were flooded with piles of paper from tossed-aside banner pages as well as jobs that had been discarded or never picked up.


Instead of choosing a quick fix, CA decided they needed a comprehensive print management solution that would enable them to discover and track all devices, maximize existing resources, eliminate unnecessary ones, and further the company’s commitment to sustainability initiatives. Their search led them to partner with Pharos Systems and Canon.


The Healthy Solution

In the fall, CA began rolling out Canon multifunction printers (MFPs) integrated with Pharos Blueprint® Enterprise, the industry-leading print management and optimization software for corporate enterprises. These “integrated MFPs” or “iMFPs” display the user interface to Blueprint on their touchscreen control panel. Additionally, they have card readers. To use an iMFP, CA employees submit print jobs from their computers as usual. Next, they walk up to an iMFP (any iMFP in CA), authenticate themselves by holding up their company badge to the card reader, and then use the Blueprint interface to select the jobs they need to print. Behind the scenes, Blueprint Enterprise collects and analyzes data about every print transaction that happens in CA.


The rollout of Pharos Blueprint Enterprise and iMFPs to 54 U.S. offices was completed in January.


The Results

A Right-Sized Environment

Blueprint Enterprise easily identified and located every printer that employees used in each of the 54 CA offices—something that the IT department had wanted to do for years. Where once there were 300 devices, Blueprint Enterprise provided information that enabled CA to right-size their environment and bring that number down to 224.

Their Senior Principal of Facilities Services, said, “We wanted to do it right. Pharos Blueprint Enterprise allows us to see our printing and copying environment to let us know exactly what we have today.”

An Incredible Cost Savings

In a four-month period with Blueprint Enterprise, CA’s click count decreased by a third compared to the same period in a previous year with another software solution in place. The company went from almost 10 million clicks in April through July to about 7 million clicks in April through July two years later. That represents a huge cost savings for CA.


A Greener, More Sustainable Workplace

With Pharos Blueprint Enterprise in place, copy rooms at CA are no longer overflowing with piles of paper. There’s no need for banner pages because jobs are not printed until their owners are physically present at the iMFP and have badged in. There is also no unnecessary printing because employees have a second chance at the iMFP to select the jobs they really need. No more banner pages, orphan print jobs, or discarded first drafts means a cleaner, more efficient printing environment, and a smaller carbon footprint for CA as well.


The Blueprint Enterprise reporting application enabled CA to see that they had saved an estimated 327 trees (2,724,891 sheets of paper) in their U.S. offices in a four-month period. The company celebrated the success of their sustainability initiative by planting 16 indigenous trees around their corporate headquarters.


An Invested, Excited Employee Base

When CA’s Facilities Services group e-mailed employees about the new print strategy and the sustainability results, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“Employees sent e-mails expressing how great it was that paper waste was now practically non-existent. Their only complaint was that trees weren’t planted at all of our offices!”

Executives at CA were also pleased with the Pharos solution. Many sent e-mails to Facilities Services expressing how much they enjoyed traveling without lugging bulky paperwork with them, since they could release their print jobs at any iMFP in any of CA’s 54 offices.


And since iMFPs with Blueprint are so easy to use, employees did not need any training.


High on Facilities Services’ list of the greatest benefits offered by Blueprint is the software’s reporting capabilities.

“Typically you can’t quantify whether a project has succeeded or not. Blueprint’s real metrics ensure you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. We love being able to see our success."

Blueprint Enterprise reports are allowing CA to demonstrate with accurate numbers the cost savings they’ve enjoyed.  Thanks to Blueprint data, CA has expanded the print strategy to APAC and Latin America, and hope to have a global solution by the end of the year to achieve a standard platform across the entire enterprise. The money CA is saving with Blueprint is helping to fund the expansion.


Pharos Blueprint Enterprise has empowered CA to create a highly efficient, sustainable, best-in-class printing environment. “Doing it right” paid off.