Scott Olswold

Blueprint "Invalid Child Element" Error When Importing Print Data for Publication

Blog Post created by Scott Olswold on Aug 5, 2019




When parsing a print job for related data, Blueprint creates a "CopyLine" element in the resultant XML for each section of the print job. In most cases, print jobs only have one section, but complex jobs can have multiple sections. The most common reasons a job has multiple sections include:


  • Multiple paper sizes in the document
  • Multiple paper orientations in the document
  • Multiple "tray calls" for paper in the document
  • Multiple "plex" modes (simplex - single-sided; or duplex - double-sided)


Blueprint has been designed to support a maximum of 8 different sections in a print job. If there are more than 8 sections within the job data XML file for any print job, it will be rejected by the Blueprint Analyst when importing jobs for publication.



At this time, there is no resolution for this behavior; the job data will simply be rejected by the Analyst.