Scott Olswold

Blueprint Enterprise 5.3: Interoperability with Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta 1.5.x and 2.x

Blog Post created by Scott Olswold on Jul 12, 2019


  • Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.3.x
  • Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta v1.5.x
  • Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta v2.x



  • The service will not start.
  • Cannot secure a device.
  • ERROR: "Unable to register Secure Print because the browser certificate is not available."
  • ERROR: "User [Domain]\[User] requires full R/W permisson to use the Management console. User can't write."
  • ERROR: "UnknownMessage" on device display.



Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.3.x includes the MFP Site Service as part of its installation. This service creates endpoints that can listen in the range and another, which are also potential endpoints used by the service running as part of the Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta server installation. Because there is a potential for port contention, the solution behavior is unpredictable and will cause operational problems.



Part I. Determine the conflicting port(s).

  1. If the  iMFP for Konica-Minolta service is running, stop it.
  2. Close the Konica-Minolta management console.
  3. Using Windows Task Manager, identify the Process ID (PID) of the “Mps.Client.Mfp.Service.exe” process (the Details tab will display this by default).
  4. Using Command Prompt running as an administrator, run the following set of commands: netstat -ano > netstat.txt notepad netstat.txt
  5. Look for the “Listening” ports associated with the PID of Mps.Client.Mfp.Service.exe. These will be found under the “Local Address” header in the netstat.txt file, expressed as<portnumber>. Write them down.

Part II. Reconfiguring the KM Service.

Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta v1.5.x

  1. After installation, launch the Management Console for KM iMFP.
  2. There will be a prompt to configure the application. Continue.
  3. Using the ports from Netstat, look for the match within the Application Settings > Service Settings screen. It will likely be the Listening Port (v1.5.6 and lower) or Listening Port (Auth) (v1.5.7), as that uses TCP 50004 by default. Change it and continue to configure application settings.


Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta v2.x

  1. After installation, launch Notepad as an administrator and open [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\PharosSystems\Pharos iMFP for Konica Minolta V2\App_Data\km\Konica-Minolta.config.
  2. Locate the lines for port configuration and identify the conflicting port assignment(s). If TCP 50006 is the conflicting port, for example, change the following line: <add key="pullPrintListeningPort" value="50006" /> to use a different port.
  3. Save the change(s).
  4. Restart the Konica-Minolta iMFP v2 service.


NOTE: If the server is running Windows Firewall or some other port blocking application, an exception will have to be made to allow communication against the changed port(s). Similarly, TCP port configuration may be required on switches and/or routers to enable communications between the server and the device.