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In the age of mobile, we're all thumbs (unless you have a wicked-clear voice and can never befuddle Siri or Google's attempts to transcribe your mutterings). And while thumbs are awesome things (and bilateral rotating shoulder cuffs; absolutely necessary to get us out of the savannah and into tall, glass-clad skyscrapers), typing long URLs with them is not. So I'm going to teach you how to just type and get to


How To Avoid Typing "/myprintcenter"

It's actually pretty easy. See? All done! Actually:

  1. Log into the server hosting Pharos Print Center.
  2. Launch Microsoft IIS Administrator.
  3. Expand the site hosting "MyPrintCenter" (usually, it is "Default Web Site").
  4. Select the "HTTP Redirect" object and open it.
    HTTP Redirect Icon.png
  5. In the "HTTP Redirect" configuration dialog box, fill it out exactly as shown below.
    HTTP Redirect Interface.png
  6. Apply the change.

Now, it is time to undo this global action for any other web services/virtual directories hosted by Default Web Site. As an example, we'll perform the undo on the "aspnet_client" web site. Repeat for all other remaining pages.

  1. Click the "aspnet_client" item under "Default Web Site" and launch it's HTTP Redirect interface:
    ASPNet HTTP Redirect icon.png
  2. Configure the ASP.Net Client HTTP Redirect exactly as shown below. Note that the "redirect" option is not enabled.
    ASPNet HTTP Redirect Interface.png
  3. Apply the change.
  4. Restart the web service by clicking the server name in the navigation tree on the left and then clicking the "Restart" option under the Actions > Manage Server function. Note that this does not restart the operating system, just the web services on the server.
    Restart Web Server.png


Complete! From any client, go to https://servername and you should be redirected automatically to the Print Center login screen:

Redirected URL.png


NOTE: There are other methods to accomplish the same task. See IIS Redirect for Print Center for more options.