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Pharos software is not susceptible to the new Apache Struts vulnerability nor to the Jackson-databind vulnerability

Blog Post created by Paul Reddy on Apr 3, 2018


Recently, a security vulnerability was discovered inside Apache Struts:




This vulnerability is reasonably serious because it allows a DoS attack when using a malicious request.


A security vulnerability was also discovered inside Jackson-databind:




This vulnerability is serious because it allows unauthenticated remote code execution and is easy to exploit.


Many organizations, including Pharos customers, are urgently investigating where these tools are used and to update/repair those instances.


Pharos Software, Apache Struts and Jackson-databind

Pharos has reviewed all our software and 3rdparty tools/libraries that we use and can confirm that we do not use Apache Struts nor Jackson-databind in any product. This includes:


  • Uniprint (including all web interfaces)
  • Blueprint (including all web interfaces)
  • Mobileprint
  • All Omega devices (including PS60, PS150, PS200)
  • All iMFP implementations across all manufacturers
  • Beacon – both the desktop components and the cloud infrastructure
  • Kiosks


Pharos products are therefore not vulnerable to either the Apache Struts exploit nor the Jackson-databind exploit.



Pharos Security Team

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