Lindsay Lamb

Unable to start Pharos Database Server Service

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Jul 27, 2015

In the event that the Pharos Database Service fails to start (hangs and times out), confirm the settings within "Sql Server Configuration Manager".


This scenario has been found to occur when customers are migrating their database, or bringing up a new SQL server- though it has yet to be determined exactly why these settings become misconfigured.


1) Open "SQL Server Configuration Manager" window, expand "SQL Server Network Configuration".

2) Click to highlight "Protocols for MYSQLSERVER". Confirm that TCP/IP's status is set to Enabled.




3) Right click "TCP/IP" and choose Properties -> IP Addresses tab.


Ensure that the TCP Port field for each IP is configured for port 1433.
Ensure that the Active field for each IP is set to Yes, and the respective IP Address for each IP is configured properly. IP1 = IPv6, IP2 = IPv4, IP3 = IPv6 loopback, IP5 = IPv4 loopback. These IP address should be that of the server which hosts the sql server.




4) The Pharos Database Server service should now be able to start without issue.