Pharos CS Gold Gateway

Blog Post created by on Oct 21, 2014

The Pharos CS Gold Gateway allows Pharos products to interact with the CS Gold Billing System. The Gateway allows users to pay for their Pharos transactions using funds from the CS Gold Billing System. The Gateway program is installed on a network machine which connects to the CS Gold Billing Service via TCP/IP.



To  install the CS Gold Gateway, run the CSGoldSetup.msi on the machine on which the Gateway service will run.
The gateway installer places all gateway files into the directory you specify during installation (the installers will detect any Pharos components already installed, and offer this as the default install path.) The gateway service will be registered in the Windows Services manager. At the end of the installation, a configuration utility will be displayed. The service can be configured and started from this utility. Shortcuts to the gateway configuration utility are created in the Start menu at Program Files > Pharos > Gateways.
The Billing Plug-in is provided in a separate installer and must be installed on each Pharos Print Server that will use the gateway. Run the BillPlug_inst.exe on each Pharos Print Server. The Billing Plug-in also has a configuration utility and this must be  configured to point to the Gateway machine.



  • The Gateway and Billing Plug-in can be installed on Windows XP and above. Windows  2000 is not supported.
  • The installer will check for the required prerequisites: MMC3 and .NET 3.5. (.NET 3.5 will be downloaded if it is not already installed on the Gateway machine)
  • This Gateway requires the new BillPlug.exe Billing Plug-in and will not work in conjunction with the older IPBilExt.exe Billing Plug-in.
  • For use in conjunction with Uniprint 7.2, a License Server update must be applied.
  • If the CS Gold Gateway is installed on a Uniprint 7.2 Principal Server, edit the registry entry HKLM\Software\Pharos\License Server\Port Name to replace the existing value of pslserver with 2352.



The  configuration utilities for the Gateway and for the Billing Plug-in can be completed at the time of installation or at a later stage. After installation, the configuration utilities are available from the Start menu at Program Files  > Pharos > Gateways. The Gateway service will not start or work properly until both are correctly configured. Any changes to the configuration require the gateway to be restarted before the changes will take effect.


The  configuration settings for the CS Gold Gateway are as follows:


  • Gateway Service:

Incoming Port: The TCP/IP port on which the Pharos Billing Plug-in will connect with the Gateway. The default of 2111 is already configured in both the Gateway and the  Plug-in. Any change here must also be implemented at the Billing Plug-in end.


  • CS Gold Server:
    • Host  Name: Enter the host name or IP address of the machine on which the CS Gold Billing Service is running.
    • Port: The TCP/IP port on which the Gateway will connect with the Billing Service. The default of 23801 is already configured. Any change here must also be implemented at the Billing Service end.
    • Log: Provide a file name for logging. The default location for log files is the Pharos\Log folder of the installation directory. A different path may be specified if desired.
    • Card Types: Define as many card types as required to support different cards in use  on site. At least one card type must be defined. Provide a sample Card ID in  the field provided and the card types context will step you through defining  the card layout and any restrictions on format. The default Regular Expression  can be extended to match the Sample Card ID. For more complex Regular  Expressions, consult the Regular Expressions help file provided.


Once the Gateway and Plug-in are installed, in Pharos Administrator, create a Bank that uses billplug.exe as its Billing Plug-in. Select this Bank for all Pharos Stations that use the CS Gold server for charging.