Lindsay Lamb

Pharos iMFP for Hewlett-Packard FutureSmart installs, but does not load on the device.

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Jul 9, 2014


  • Pharos iMFP for HP version 4.x (HP FutureSmart)


  • Install appears to be successful, but after restarting the Pharos application does not run.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing to solve the problem.
  • This only happens on some devices, not on most.


There is a pre boot menu option called "Skip Disk Load". The option exists right next to "Cold Reset" which is one of the more frequently used options. We have seen folks turning this "Skip Disk Load" feature On by accident while trying to do Cold reset.  If this is option is checked, then Device will not load anything from Disk. The solution loads fine on Disk, but Device behaves as if it doesn't exist. Since it is a sticky setting, multiple reboots and reloading of SW would not have any affect.


Change "Skip Disk Load" to off and then restart the device.

Note: Access to the boot menu should be done by individuals familiar with the HP hardware.