Lindsay Lamb

Xerox iMFP: Failure to manage a Xerox multifunction device

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on May 12, 2014


  • iMFP for Xerox fails to successfully manage a Xerox device.
  • The management console shows success (device status is Managed) but the blocking screen on the Xerox device does not show the expected screen with the key.
  • It may show a soft keyboard and request authentication.
  • Attempting authentication may result in a DNS error message.



  • iMFP for Xerox version 2.5 or higher (software only solution)
  • Xerox device with McAfee enabled



With the McAfee feature enabled on some Xerox devices some of the configuration performed by the iMFP for Xerox management console appears to be blocked. As a result the installation and configuration is incomplete resulting in the symptom above.



Disable the McAfee protection on the Xerox device. This is performed from the web interface of the device, Properties tab in the Security section. This will require a reboot of the device. After the device reboots use the Management Console remove the Pharos and then reinstall the Pharos solution. At this point the installation should succeed and the expected blocking screen will be displayed.


  NOTE: Pharos is working with Xerox to understand this further. A software update may be made available in the future to address this. On some devices with McAfee enabled our installation process works fine. We do not yet understand fully what is causing this. We have observed that McAfee can be successfully re-enabled after Pharos installation and the engine runs successfully.