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Upgrading an MSDE 2000 instance with Uniprint installed

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 19, 2013

What do I need to know about upgrading MSDE 2000 with Uniprint installed?


Before upgrading your MSDE installation, you should stop all Pharos services.

SQL Server 2000

On the Installation Selection page of the setup wizard, you should select the Upgrade option. If necessary, select the appropriate instance to upgrade. Typical MSDE installations will only have the default instance.

SQL Server Express

You must uncheck the "Hide advanced configuration options" checkbox on the Registration Information page of the installation wizard. Once you reach the Instance Name page, select the Default Instance radio button, and then check the box for your MSDE engine on the next page (in most cases, there will only be one checkbox). Continue through the wizard as per your requirements.

SQL Server 2005

Microsoft does not offer a direct upgrade path from MSDE 2000 to Server 2005. To move to 2005, you will need to first upgrade MSDE to either SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server Express as above.

Addional Information

Microsoft TechNet: Upgrading MSDE 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Express