Lindsay Lamb

Spool files are sometimes not deleted from the spool folder.

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 19, 2013

What impact do these orphaned spool files have, and how should I deal with them?


Sometimes the Windows Print Spooler service fails to delete a spool file when a job is removed, because some other process is still using the file.  The matching .SHD file is deleted, and the job is not displayed in the print queue, but the .SPL file still exists.


This has the potential to cause a problem when a new job is submitted via the Pharos LPD Server with the same ID.  The new job is created for the user, but the user receives the old job data instead.


This issue was addressed in Uniprint 8.1.  For older systems, a batch file can be scheduled to run periodically to detect and remove these orphaned jobs.  An example batch file is attached.