Lindsay Lamb

Pharos Station debits ITC card, but print job does not release

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 19, 2013

The problem occurs when a Pharos Station has an ITC magstrip reader (ITC1015) attached to debit funds from ITC cards.

Users can log on to the Pharos Station, see their jobs and see their correct unit balance. When a user clicks their job, it page counts correctly and displays the correct number of units to be debited.

The card is debited and the card goes out and comes back into the reader (for write verification).

At this point there is a pause, then the Pharos Station shows an error (Cannot write balance) that the card could not be debited and the job is NOT released. However the card is debited.
The ITC reader needs to be configured for use with a Pharos Station, rather than the ITC system.

Modifying the DIP switch settings inside the ITC card reader:

Dip Switch number 8 on Bank 3 needs to be in the OFF position for use with Uniprint.

Make this change and the ITC reader will work correctly with the Pharos Station.