Lindsay Lamb

Omega PS150 card reader fails to read card

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 19, 2013



The Pharos Omega PS150 can be configured with an optional magnetic swipe card reader. In some environments users have reported transient failures in card reader operation. This has been traced to RF interference between the card reader and other RF noise generating components in the environment (such as the PS150 SmartPAD and the MFP itself). It has been determined that grounding the Card Swipe Mounting Bracket used to attach the card swipe reader to the SmartPAD can significantly reduce this interference and resolve the problem. This document outlines the process of retrofitting an existing Omega PS150 with card reader to apply the grounding strap.

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Step 1: Remove one mounting bracket screw


Power off the Omega PS150 and unmount the Smart PAD. Turn the SmartPAD over to access the back. Remove the screw in the lower left that is used to mount the mounting bracket to the smart hub.


Step 2: Strip black coating from a screw hole on mounting bracket


Using a file or rotary tool expose the metal surface under the black finish coating around the opened hole. This ensures that the grounding strap makes electrical connection with the underlying metal. The black finish coat is an insulator.


Step 3: Attach flat connector of grounding strap


Using the screw removed in step 1, attach the flat connector of the grounding strap through the mounting bracket into the SmartHUB.


Step 4: Wind grounding strap wire on monitor cable


Wind the grounding strap wire loosely around the monitor cable.


Step 5: Connect bent connector of grounding strap to cable

Using the supplied screw, attach the bent connector of the grounding strap to the small screw hole in the monitor cable connector. You must disconnect the connector in order to access the screw hole. Once the grounding strap has been connected, reattach the monitor cable connector.