Lindsay Lamb

Area costing charges for the width instead of the length

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 19, 2013

When you print to a queue using an area charging job cost method, you may find the charge does not match expectations.

For example, an 8 inch long job on a 20 inch wide plotter will charge for 20 inches.

This is a limitation in the current area costing. As there is no way to determine which dimension of the job is the width versus the length, the system charges for the longest measurement.

A JobCost script can be used to alter this behavior, and an example is attached below. For sites that do not already use a costing script, this should be all that is required.

Note that the script requires some additional database setup - please read the documentation at the top of the script carefully.

Due to architectural changes in the job costing system, this workaround requires Uniprint 7.2.