Lindsay Lamb

Some new jobs do not appear on Release Stations

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Dec 16, 2013

After the Print Server has been running for a while, some new jobs do not appear in the list on Pharos PC Stations or other Print Release devices.

Once the server is restarted, the jobs appear as normal. How can we fix this?


Pharos Systems have identified a problem with job arrival that occurs under the following conditions:

  • Jobs are regularly released with Pharos Remote.
  • The 'charge user' box is explicitly unchecked.


When the Job ID for one of these uncharged jobs is "recycled" by the printing subsystem, the Print Server will incorrectly ignore this new job. A fix for this problem has been released and can be downloaded from the 8.1 hotfix page.  The hot fix is now the recommended way to solve this issue.


The following workaround is left for reference.

A workaround is to always leave the "charge user" box checked when releasing jobs with Pharos Remote. However, this can cause problems if the user a) does not exist in the Pharos database, or b) you do not want the user's account to be debited. To get around this issue, a billing script can be applied to the Pharos Remote bank to bypass regular billing. An example script is attached.

Note: This script will bypass ALL billing done through Pharos Remote. Customers who use a mixture of charging and not charging when printing jobs with Pharos Remote should contact Pharos Support for advice.