When I install Blueprint 4.2 on a Cluster Windows Server 2008 Server I get the following error: Failed to Execute 'PharosSystems.Blueprint.JobStorer.Msmq.dll'. What Do I do now?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 20, 2013


You get this error message if the Cluster isn't prepared correctly, please follow instructions below to fix it:

1. Remove all resources via the Cluster Manager if any.

2. Create a "Print Spooler" Resource

3. In the "Print Spooler Service" add the 'Message Queuing' resource

4. Open the Properties window of the 'Message Queuing' and add following dependencies:

Physical Disk, Network Name

5. Install Blueprint 4.2 on all nodes and once that is completed bring the Resource offline and add following Generic Service to the resources:

A. Blueprint TaskMaster

1. Dependencies: Physical Disk, Network Name, MSMQ, Spooler, SQL (where appropriate if installed on cluster)

2. Service Name: Pharos Systems TaskMaster

3. Use Network Name: True8


B. Blueprint ComTaskMaster

1. Dependencies: Blueprint TaskMaster, Physical Disk, Network Name, Spooler

2. Service Name: Pharos Systems ComTaskMaster

3. Use Network Name: True


C. Blueprint Event Log Service

1. Dependencies: Physical Disk, Network Name

2. Service Name: Pharos Systems Event Log Service

3. Use Network Name: True


D. Blueprint Job Service

1. Dependencies: Blueprint Event Log Service, Physical Disk, Network Name, Spooler

2. Service Name: Pharos Systems Job Service

3. Use Network Name: True


IIS Preparation for Windows Server 20008 Cluster


1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the physical node that currently owns the resource group created in the "Cluster Preparation" section on page 57. This will be the node on which the service or application is running.

NOTE: If the Default Website is already in use, create a new website that will be used to host the Blueprint web services.

2. Bind this website to the IP Address that was created in the 'Cluster Preparation' section on page 57 of the Install guide. Please do not bind it to the Node 1 / 2's IP Address. This is the IP Address of the Client Access Point configured when creating the service or application.

Known issue with the Job Service


If the Collector is installed in the cluster enviroment, you may get the following error in the Event Viewer for Applications when you start the 'Job Service' service:


Service cannot be started. System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Invalid element in configuration. The extension name 'webHttp' is not registered in the collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviorExtensions. (c:\program files (x86)\pharossystems\blueprint\bin\pharossystems.blueprint.securerelease.jobservice.exe.Config line 17) at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.EvaluateOne(String[] keys, SectionInput input, Boolean isTrusted, FactoryRecord factoryRecord, SectionRecord sectionRecord, Object parentResult) at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.Evaluate(FactoryRecord factoryRecord, SectionRecord sectionRecord, Object parentResult, Boolean getLkg, Boolean getRuntimeObject, Object& result, Object& resultRuntimeObject) at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.GetSectionRecursive(String configKey, Boolean getLkg, Boolean checkPermission, Boolean getRuntimeObject, Boolean requestIsHere, Object& result, Object& resultRuntimeObject) at System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationR... "


The solution is:


1. Open Command prompt as an Admin

2. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5

3. Run WFServicesReg.exe /c



Please check the attached log file for further details.