Retaining your theme when updating from an older Pharos Omega firmware version.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 20, 2013

How do I retain my theme when updating from an older Pharos Omega firmware version (pre-Pencarrow)?


The latest Pharos OmegaAdmin tool will not allow me to download the current theme from the Omega Terminals. If the OmegaAdmin tool will not allow you to retrieve the current theme from a Pharos Omega unit, the current Omega firmware is too old - a new theme system was introduced in firmware release 1.4.4 (Pencarrow).


In order to restore the theme you must have copies of the existing bmp files that were originally uploaded with the current firmware version. You must then upgrade one unit to the latest firmware and retrieve the default theme using the OmegaAdmin tool included in the latest firmware package.


Upon retrieving the latest firmware version you need to the edit the default theme and modify the background etc with the original images.


You should then push the new theme using the OmegaAdmin.


Detailed instructions on editing, retrieving and pushing themes are included in the latest PharosOmega.pdf file that can be downloaded with the firmware from the Pharos Website: