ERROR: "Unable to initialize a connection...Failed to get product version..." when logging into the Konica-Minolta iMFP for Blueprint

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 20, 2013


When attempting to log into the Konica-Minolta iMFP for Blueprint, users will sometimes get this error:

KM iMFP initialization error

and it will persist until the "Pharos for Konica Minolta" service is restarted on the affected Blueprint server.


This issue occurs because the "Pharos for Konica Minolta" service starts up before the "Pharos Systems TaskMaster" service, which manages the BniService.svc process referenced in the error message. This usually happens during a restart of the server hosting the services. This will affect all Konica Minolta iMFP versions up through, and including, 1.3.0.


To permenantly resolve this problem, the Pharos Konica Minolta service must be configured to depend on the Pharos Systems TaskMaster service.

DISCLAIMER: The following instructions require the use of the Windows Registry Editor. While the instructions have been tested and do not result in any loss of function, editing the Registry has the potential to cause system issues. Please ensure that the Registry key referenced has been backed up prior to making any changes. Pharos Systems International, Inc. and its affiliates may not be held responsible for loss of service caused by any procedure described below.

1. Launch the Windows Registry Editor as an administrator.

2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\services and then find the PharosforKonicaMinolta key. Select it.

3. Right-click within the right-hand pane of the PharosforKonicaMinolta key and choose New > Multi-String Value.

Editing the Registry - Step 1

4. Name it DependOnService and press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

Editing the Registry - Step 2

5. Double-click this new string value entry to edit it.

6. Type Pharos Systems TaskMaster in the Value data field and click OK.

Edit Registry - Step 3

7. Exit the Registry Editor and restart the Pharos for Konica Minolta service for it to take effect.

BONUS: Users familiar with the command-line "sc.exe" utility may perform this in one quick step. Just make sure that the command prompt is in administrative mode and type:

sc config "PharosforKonicaMinolta" depend = "Pharos Systems TaskMaster"

Testing the Change

To test the change, restart the Blueprint server and attempt a login on a Konica-Minolta device. The login will proceed normally.