Can I run the WCF on another port?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 20, 2013

Can I run the WCF on another port?

NOTE: McAfee has a service that was running called "FrameworkService.exe" which uses the same port as the WCF.

It is possible to run WCF on another port.  Here is what you need to get a working WCF/Remote to run on port 8082:




Change all 8081 -> 8082 in Pharos\Bin\WCF\PS.vNext.SvcHost.WinSvc.exe.config
Restart WCF, confirm listening on 8082 via netstat.


Web remote:


Change 8081 -> 8082 in wwwroot\Pharos\appSettings.config (only one entry)
Restart IIS, test remote


Web Remote does not need EDI to run.  
The WCF service is conceptually like a specialized EDI that is exclusive to Web Remote.