How do I rename a Blueprint Collector installed on Microsoft Windows Cluster Services?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 14, 2013

To rename a Blueprint Collector installed on Microsoft Windows Cluster Services, do the following:

1.     Rename the Cluster Network Name resource to the desired name. Ensure that DNS and Kerberos options are enabled. The resource must be disconnected prior to performing this change.
2.     Bring the Network Name resource back online. Also bring the rest of the dependent services online with the exception of the Pharos services.
3.     Engage a remote desktop session, connecting to the new Network Name specified in Step 1.
4.     Launch the Pharos Blueprint Server Configuration utility. Change the name of the server and Apply. You will get an information message about saving the configuration, but requiring effort on the Cluster Manager side. Continue through this, and close the Configuration utility.
5.     Navigate to the location of the Pharos Blueprint data files (it may be either on the quorum drive or other shared cluster volume). Within the root of the folder, find GlobalConfig.xml and open in Notepad.
6.     Perform a Replace operation, replacing the previous server name with the new server name. Save and close the file.
7.     It may be necessary to recreate the Microsoft Message Queue queues (Blueprint 4.2 and lower). If so, add them as Public Queues.
8.     Connect the Pharos services through Cluster Manager. To test, you may move the group to the other node. All services should start normally.


NOTE: If you have Blueprint Tracker clients (workstation-based and/or print server-based) installed as children to the Collector, they will need to be reinstalled to reflect the new server name.