Canon EDI logs show the same user attempting to login every 5 minutes

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 14, 2013


Viewing EDI logs show the same user attempting to login every 5 minutes.

Viewing the on-device debugging logs shows the transaction reaper start then interrupted by an automatic logout.

Viewing the on-device transaction logs shows transactions in the log.


A too frequent auto clear timer setting on a Canon MFP can interfere with the off-line transaction reaper thread causing it to exit prematurely.  This happens before the retry count is incremented so the retry count is always 1.

How to reproduce:
1.     Set the auto clear timer on the Canon MFP to 20 seconds. (this is for illustration only, other values may also cause the issue)
2.     Login
3.     Start a copy job
4.     Unplug the network cable
5.     Let the job complete.
6.     Wait 15 seconds or so
7.     Plug the network cable in
8.     Logout
9.     Wait about 5 minutes
10.     View the on-device logs and note when the transaction reaper runs and if it completes.
11.     View the on-device transaction cache and determine if off-line transactions still exist
12.     View the EDI logs and not if the user is attempted to login at 5 minute intervals
13.     Repeat 9-12  three more times to ensure the transaction reaper ran at least 15 minutes
14.     If transactions remain, the issue is exhibiting.


Note that in step 4, any error could cause the job to fail to commit to Pharos.  Edi server is down, etc.

Work Around
1.     Change the auto clear timer to a larger value
2.     Clear the on-device transaction cache.

How to change the auto-clear timer:
1.     You should not need to uninstall the Pharos solution to do this, but you will have to login.  If you find that you can’t change the auto clear timer with Pharos installed perform the following steps
         a.     Login to SMS
         b.     Disable the Pharos Login Service
         c.     Reboot
         d.     Change the auto clear timer
         e.     Login to SMS
         f.     Enable the Pharos Login Service
         g.     Reboot

How to Clear the error
1.     Clear the on-device transaction cache
        a.     Browse to http://device.ip:8000/Pharos/Transactions
        b.     CTRL-A
        c.     CTRL-C
        d.     Paste the information for later use
        e.     Press the Clear Transactions button