When using a PS60 Firmware v1.1.2 or above, can I display error messages on the printer display instead of printing them?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 9, 2013

The PS60 can be configured to display status and error messages on the printer display using a PJL command instead of printing them. However, not all printers support the PJL message command.

A customer can easily test if the printer supports PJL messages by the following procedure:

Here are the instructions to run on windows:
1. telnet printerIP 9100
2. paste in:
@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY="This is the message"
3. press enter
4. press Ctl+]
5. type quit
6. press enter

If the message "This is the message" is displayed on the printer display then this would indicate that this device supports this feature, if not then there is nothing we can do to make it display the information as it is not supported by this device.