When I press on a button or start the Pharos Omega unit a sound is played. How do I disable sound?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 9, 2013

The Pharos IR Control provides screen sound control and this should be used to turn panel sounds off - firmware versions 2.1.0 or above produce sounds on the SmartPAD Panel. The Omega hub also produces system sounds, however a tool is not provided to turn this off at the moment.

Customers can use the following 3rd party tool to log onto the terminal and adjust the sound control file.

You can download the 3rd party tool (putty) using the following link:


1. Download and extract putty
2. Run putty from the start menu
3. In the hostname field put the host name or IP of the Omega PS150 unit.
4. Set the port to 8022.
5. click open and when prompted login using the root user
6. edit the following file using a vi command in the putty terminal window

vi /etc/pgserver.conf

7. Set value by arrowing cursor over char and press 'r' then number.

The line to change is: default sound=-70

8. Set to your desired level. The range is -100 to 100 percent inclusive.

sound=0 or sound=-100 turns sound off.

9. Save the file by typing 'ZZ'

10. Exit putty and reboot the Omega PS150