Customers that upgraded to Uniprint 8.0 and then upgraded there Pharos Omega terminals will recieve this error as the Pharos Omega PS150 terminals are not capable of pushing a current schema to a Uniprint 8.0 installation that was upgraded.

This is a known issue and customers should apply the attached SQL schema ini object to manually update the database. Customers should only use this update if:

  • You are now on Uniprint 8.0 or later.
  • You performed an upgrade from a previous product version (i.e. did not do a fresh install).
  • You uses PS150 (PS60 is not affected).
  • The terminal software is more recent than the ini_schema in the Pharos database.
  • The ini_schema currently in the database is older than 2.1.1.
  • The terminal software is older than 2.2.0

To install this schema update do the following

1. On the Pharos Database Server (SQL) open a query window

2. Copy the attached contents of the update_ps150_schema.sql file into the query window

3. Execute this against the Pharos database

4. Complete a change control in the Pharos Administrator to complete the process