Uniprint 8.2 Uninstaller fails to find osql.exe

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

When I run the uninstaller I get an error message about being unable to find a file called "osql.exe", similar to this: "Windows cannot find 'C:\PROGRA~1\Pharos\Bin\osql.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

After this, another error is produced, and the uninstaller reports a failure. Some components may be removed, but the database still exists.


This error occurs because of a defect in the uninstaller program.  osql.exe is a program used for connecting to databases, and comes with Microsoft SQL Server.  Depending on your configuration, the Uniprint Installer may or may not install a copy of osql.exe within the Pharos installation directory.  The uninstaller checks the configuration to determine whether to expect to find osql.exe in the Pharos installation directory; but due to a defect it does so incorrectly, and consequently incorrectly expects to find the file there.  This error generally occurs if any letters in the computer's name are in lower case.


The solution to this problem depends on whether Pharos Database Server was been uninstalled at the time when the problem is discovered.  To discover whether it is still present, dismiss any message boxes the uninstaller raises; restart the computer if the uninstaller requests a restart; and start the uninstaller again and check whether Pharos Database Server is in the list of components that can be uninstalled.

If Pharos Database Server is still present after the problem is encountered (or is still present because you already know about the problem and haven't started uninstalling), find the file osql.exe on the computer's hard drive.  This will generally be located in the directory where Microsoft SQL Server is installed.  Copy this file into the "bin" directory within the Pharos installation directory, then run the uninstaller, and it will uninstall the Pharos Database without encountering the error.

The uninstaller issue affects computers named with all uppercase letters differently.  Please see this related article for details.