The Canon iMFP will display "Busy reconciling offline transactions." and will not allow any use after logon.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

The Canon iMFP has the ability, if it loses communications with its specified Pharos EDI server, to store transactions locally until such time as the connection is re-established. This will cause the device to refuse any other activity (copy, scan, fax or secure print) until this has finished. If the software is unable to do so (for example, if using Pharos Blueprint Enterprise), this can cause the MFP to be completely unavailable. This was particularly a problem in earlier versions (previous to firmware version 2.5.1) of the Canon iMFP software. Below follows some steps to resolve the situation. All utilities mentioned can be found in the attached "txGrabber.rar" file.


1.     Manually check each engine for transactions
     a.     Browse to http://ip.address.of.device:8000/Pharos/Transactions
     b.     If there are transactions
          i.     Wait 5 minutes then view again
          ii.     If the transactions remain, these could be “stuck”
          iii.     Clear the transactions by pressing the Clear transactions button.


2.     Automatically check each engine for transactions
     a.     The attached curl_test.bat and curl.exe utility will do this for you.
     b.     You’ll need to modify the script to handle each IP address
     c.     Note that the line that actually clears the transaction is commented out
          i.     This is on purpose to allow all the devices to be queried but not modified.
     d.     Make sure to put each set of transactions in a separate XML file.
     e.     Check the file contents
          i.     If it’s empty, no transactions


3.     Automatically purge the transactions from the engine.
     a.     You need Java installed to do this.
     b.     Use the files ip_XXX.txt, process_ip_addresses, get_log_for_ip.bat, and TransactionCollector.jar
          i.     Modify ip_xxx.txt to include all the ip addresses you want to check
          ii.     Call process_ip_addresses ip_xxx.txt to get the process started.
          iii.     Note the line that actually clears the transactions is commented out
               1.     This is on purpose for testing before committing to destroying data


4.     Update the Pharos iMFP for Canon software on the devices.
     a.     Verify the version of Canon software running on the MFPs.
     b.     Contact Pharos Technical Support for the latest Canon iMFP firmware.