How Do You Configure Automatic Log Off for Canon imageRUNNER Advance series

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

Automatic Log Off and the Pharos iMFP for Canon


One of the more confusing functions when implementing a Pharos iMFP solution is the "automatic log out" - this is often referred to as "Login timeout" or "auto logoff" by others. It is confusing not because there is no function for this, but because the setting is within the Canon imageRUNNER itself, and not within the Pharos iMFP configuration. Below follows the configuration discussion for the Canon imageRUNNER Advance series. On other imageRUNNERs, this is referred to as Auto Clear Timer, and is found through (Additional Functions) → [Timer Settings] → [Auto Clear Time].



Auto Reset Time

If the machine is idle for a certain period of time (after the last print job or key operation is performed), the display returns to the default screen automatically. This period of time is called the "Auto Reset Time."

NOTE: If '0' is selected, the Auto Reset Time mode is not set.



1. Press (Settings/Registration) → [Preferences] → [Timer/Energy Settings] → [Auto Reset Time].

2. Press [-] or [+] to specify the desired Auto Reset Time → press [OK].



In many cases, it is desirable to have Auto Clear/Reset set to a high value to accommodate "copier composition" - where individual pages or items are being copied/scanned, so that a user's work is not suddenly for naught because a staple or sticky tab was being a nuisance. The tradeoff is that, in a forgetful moment, a user can walk away from the copier and leave it logged in for the next person. In this case, the next person may be thoughtful and press the Logout button before initiating the new session (particularly when Secure Release Here is involved).