How do I serial flash a Pharos Omega PS100?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

How do I serial flash a Pharos Omega PS100?


NOTE: Internal information only, by sending this information to any customer they have automatically consented to void their warranty. The following instructions detail the setup and commands needed to serial re-flash a Pharos Omega PS100 unit.


1. Un-screw the four silver screws that hold the top of the Pharos PS100 Smart Hub on using a philips screwdriver.
2. On top of the main PS100 Smarthub you should see a serial port
3. Using a serial nullmodem cable attach the cable to the serial port on the smarthub and the other end into a serial port on the laptop or computer
4. Attach a cross over cable between the computer/laptop ethernet port and the first ethernet port on the Smarthub
5. Open a command window and type the following command


omega reflash --mac 0014fc COM4 firmware.img


Where the --mac option is the last 6 values from the side of the Omega Hub (0014fc in this example).


6. The unit should begin the re-flash process, when complete the command line will read "1" and complete
7. Dettach the unit and replace the top
8. Restart the unit