Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 x64


The 'Tracker Web Service' and/or 'EDI Web Service' health tests fail with a '403: Forbidden' error. Trackers can fail to send job data and terminals can fail to login due to this error. Re-applying the Server Configuration settings does not fix the problem.


Possible Cause:

This can be caused by certain permission settings being modified manually using the IIS 7 management console. Specifically, changing the 'Feature Permissions' of the 'Handler Mappings' for a Blueprint virtual directory and removing either the 'Read' or 'Script' permissions will cause this.

If the relevant 'web.config' file (located in the Blueprint 'Services\BediService' and 'Services\TrackerService' subdirectories) contains the following section:




Then this indicates manual configuration changes have been made.






1) Reverse the manual changes made.

2) Remove the entire <system.webServer> section from the relevant 'web.config' file.