Blueprint 3.5  configuration R2 - Error: "Failed to create a symbolic link"

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

Blueprint 3.5 / R2 Configuration generates the following error:

Failed to create a symbolic link from the 'C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Services\BediService\linkedbin' directory to the 'C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Bin' directory.

1.     Download Junction v1.05
2.     Copy the following files from the Pharos CD to the server

From the Pharos CD copy files in:

..\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\bin


To the Server:

C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Services\BediService

C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Services\TrackerService

(depends where the error is being generated on which service)

3. Rename the file to "linkedbin"
4. Then from the Command Prompt run the following command

Usage: junction <junction directory> [<junction target>]

junction C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Services\BediService\linkedbin C:\Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\bin