A Blueprint Enterprise Collector cannot communicate with the Analyst

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 8, 2013

The Blueprint Enterprise Collector cannot communicate with the Analyst. It is not retrieving the license file or other configuration information. In the Taskmaster log file on the Collector, this message is found:

"The requested upgrade is not supported by 'net.tcp://'. This could be due to mismatched bindings (for example security enabled on the client and not on the server).

The file global.serviceModel.bindings.config, found in the Program Files\PharosSystems\Blueprint\bin, maintains the communications structure for all inter-process WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) events in Pharos Blueprint. This includes communications between Pharos services on the same server, communications between Pharos servers, and communications between client tools (like Pharos Blueprint Administrator) and servers.

Opening the global.serviceModel.bindings.config file will show several XML tags for <security mode= .../>. Each communications binding has its own security mode setting, and if there is a mismatch between end-points, it will fail. One way to maintain parity is to copy the contents of the file (not the actual file, but the data inside; Notepad will open the file just fine) from one server and then paste it into the file (replacing everything already there) of the other server. Save it, reset IIS (iisreset in an administrative command prompt), ad then restart all Pharos services.

If this continues to fail, check DNS to make sure that the <servername> specified in the message can be PINGed, reached via UNC (a file share, for example), or otherwise accessed by the name of the server.