Ricoh iMFP 1.3.2 - Charges multiple times for same job

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

The Pharos Ricoh iMFP software is charging for a copy job and then sends four incorrect additional charges through the system. This shows in Pharos reports and in copier logs as well as an external gateway should you have one being used.

Reinstalling the Pharos Ricoh iMFP software briefly corrects this behavior for sometimes as little 5 minutes.  The current version of the Pharos Ricoh iMFP software that this was seen with was Golden Master 1.3.2, what steps can be taken to curb this behavior being seen.

Disabling the "Auto-Off" setting corrects this behavior and the machine should still be able to utilize the Power Save functionality, but it should keep the machine from fully powering down.  What this does is keep the machine from hanging on to one thread and then 'firing' up a parallel thread/process which is the cause of the multiple transactions for one copy job being recorded.

Note: This setting may for "Auto-Off" be in slightly different places on different models.