Print jobs are deleted when queue names do not match Windows printer names exactly.

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

All print jobs sent to a queue are being deleted, and an alert is created for each job with the following message:

Print job arrive error on job '[jobname]': CJobCostMethodsLoaderBase::GetDefaultPerJobCost Couldn't find Method ''

How can this be resolved?

This can happen if the queue name in Pharos does not match the printer name in Windows exactly (matching case as well).  The simple way to address this is:

  1. Select the queue in Pharos Administrator.
  2. Append an 'x' to the queue name, and click another field to ensure the change is saved.
  3. Remove the 'x', and then issue a Change Control.

The queue name should now match exactly, and the error should be resolved.