Pharos Reports will not display reports

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

Why can I not view any reports in Pharos Reports?  It gives me a connection error after I log in.

ODBC Pharos Reports error

The connection to the Pharos Database Server is only used once, at the very start.  The connection is used to verify the user's Pharos credentials, and then simply to fetch the credentials to use to log in to SQL Server.  If you can get into the Reports application and view the list of reports, you're already finished with that connection.


From that point on, the Reports application deals directly with the SQL Server via the ODBC DSN called PHAROSReports.  It uses the same credentials that the Pharos Database Server itself uses (usually 'pharos' with a generated password).  Pharos is a 32 bit application, and so it configures the 32 bit odbcad32.exe located in \Windows\SysWOW64.  If the server is a 64 bit server, naturally it will attempt to run the 64 bit version of odbcad32.exe in \Windows\System32.  The DSN in the 64 bit ODBC will more than likely be empty of PHAROSReports configuration information, and it's that portion that will need configuration in order for Pharos Reports to successfully talk directly to the database server.