I need change IP Address and Hostname of a Blueprint Analyst server. How is that best accomplished with minimum system downtime?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

While Blueprint can use an IP address is to designate the "Server Hostname/Address" in the Blueprint Server Configuration utility, we highly recommend that the IP address not be used for that purpose. Instead, the hostname (fully qualified or otherwise) is acceptable in that field and can be changed. We do require that the Hostname be resolvable in DNS. If the new Hostname does not resolve correctly, it must be corrected before any configuration/reconfiguration can continue.

Changing the Blueprint Server IP Address

If the server's IP address needs to be changed, follow these steps:

1. Change the IP address.

2. Test that the IP address resolves to the host name (use PING -a IPAddress; for example: PING -a You should receive a reply that indicates the proper host name as defined in the Blueprint Server Configuration utility).

3. Launch the Blueprint Server Configuration utility and click File > Re-apply Settings. This causes the Blueprint server settings to be recompiled, the Pharos services to restart, and the configuration Test to run.

The test should run without failure or prompt.

Changing the Blueprint Server Host Name


Below are the steps you need to rename the Server and then re-configure the Analyst.


1. Change hostname on server through Windows OS and do not reboot the server when asked at this time. Instead, wait.


2. Open the Blueprint Server Configuration tool and make the hostname change there and click the 'Apply' button. The  settings will be applied and you will most likely see some of the tests fail when the testing screen pops up and you will  get an error about "Unable to udate the health status of the server" due to the PharosSystems TaskMaster service probably  not running. Acknowledge the error and click close on the dialogs.


3. Reboot the server.


4. Once you login to the server again you will need to open the Blueprint Server Configuration tool again and this time it  will prompt you with the attached screen shot.


5. Once this is all complete you will need to request an SSL Certificate from Pharos Technical Support with the new name to be applied to the  system as the old one will no longer be valid.


Other items to be aware of:


1. If you deployed a Tracker package referencing this Blueprint Server, you will need to redeploy a new Tracker package to be installed on the client machines. You can Upgrade the install package or uninstall the old then install the new.


2. You must go to each Collector and provide the new Hostname of the Analyst as its "Parent Server". (see attached screen shot), then click the test and update button.


You have successfully changed the Analyst's hostname and/or IP address.