How do you uninstall the HP iMFP software for versions 2.9 and older?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

NOTE: To complete the uninstall of the iMFP software you will need access to the Pharos iMFP software that was used for the installation. If you do not have this software in possession, a request to Pharos Support will need to be made to receive a download link for the software. The uninstall software will work for versions 2.9 and older. Please verify your version prior to requesting the software. You can follow the steps below to verify your version.

1.     1. Browse to the webpage of the printer.

2.     2. Select the Pharos Systems button.

3.     3. Under Version, the version you have will be listed next to Pharos Systems Print Service

NOTE: If you have a newer version, please specify the version in the request and we will provide the appropriate uninstall software and instructions.

To Uninstall the Pharos HP iMFP Application on the MFP:

1. Copy the contents of the Pharos HP iMFP Installation Package to a computer running a Windows Operating System. Be sure to maintain the directory structure of the package as supplied.

2. Browse to the "Install" directory of the installation package from Step 1.

3. Double-click on Pharos HP Installer.exe, located in the Install directory of the package.

4. On the installation application, enter the IP address of the target printer and the Administrator Password. (The default name and password for the MFP are both "admin". The name cannot be changed.)

5. Select Uniprint or Blueprint.

6. Click Verify Printer. This checks that the supplied address can be contacted, and that the MFP is a supported model.

7. If the checks are successful, the Remove Pharos Application button is enabled. Click this button to uninstall the components on the MFP. The installer dialog displays the progress of the uninstall.

8. Once the removal is complete, click "Done" to exit the installation application.

NOTE: Due to licensing limitations, this software cannot be provided unless you have a valid license.