How do you setup logging in Mobile Print?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

Activating Logging
Pharos MobilePrint allows log files to be captured to help administrators when troubleshooting with MobilePrint.
To activate logging:

   1. Click the Show advanced options on the top right corner of the Pharos MobilePrint Web Administrator.
   2. Select Logging from the menu.
   3. Check the Enable box and configure the following settings.
      a. Select the Log Detail
      b. Select the Log to File
      c. Enter the Log folder path.
   4. Once all the settings are configured, click Save Changes.
   5. Restart the MobilePrint Workflow Service for logging settings to take effect.
   6. The log file MobilePrint.Service.Workflow, Version=1.2.0.log is automatically created.

More information about Mobile Print Logging can be found on page 36 of the Pharos MobilePrint  1.2.0 Installation and Configuration Guide.