How can I use external authentication with Pharos Remote?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

The Pharos Remote bank does not correctly provide the standard "User level" parameter to executable logon plug-ins. This causes standard Pharos plug-ins (e.g. the ADLDAP or LDAP plug-ins) to fail when trying to log in to Pharos Remote.

A simple workaround can be used to address this issue. Create a batch file in the same location as your plug-in, and assign that batch file to the Pharos Remote Bank's logon event. The content of the batch file should be as follows:

@echo off
set plugin=adldaplogon.exe
"%~dp0%plugin%" %1 User %2 %3

Be sure to change the plugin variable to match your desired plug-in.

This issue may be fixed in a future release, at which point this solution will no longer work correctly. If you use this solution, be sure to check Remote authentication after any Uniprint upgrade, or update of the Pharos Print Server.

Note that users of an appropriate level must also exist in Pharos Administrator as well as the external system. If you wish to handle administrative users without creating them in the Pharos database first, you will need a more complicated logon script.

Often a Uniprint script is used to create users at login time, and can also be applied to the Pharos Remote Bank. The issue described does not affect such scripts, only cases where the executable has been assigned directly to the bank's logon event.