The SmartPAD contains an internal serial port, which can be used to attach a serial card reader. This port is accessed by removing the back of the SmartPAD.

Note: If the customer removes the back of the SmartPAD, it voids the Pharos warranty to the customer. However, Pharos staff are allowed to take the SmartPAD back off to connect a card reader.

The port is a 9-pin RS-232 serial male connector that supports card readers configured to 9600 baud, 8, n, 1 that send an ID string terminated by a non printable char like CR. The DTR pin on the socket can supply 5 Volts at 500 mA to the card reader. The pin-outs for the port are as follows:

Pin Name

1 NC
2 Rx
3 Tx
6 NC
9 NC

NC = not connected

SmartPAD software does not support the RTS and CTS signals. No control signals are sent or acknowledged by the DTR pin (pin 4).