Does Pharos still support the Omega PS100?

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Uniprint 8.x Support for PS100




Pharos Omega PS100 terminal
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World wide
Notice Date: 
October 12th, 2011


This notice serves as a clarification of the support of the Omega PS100 terminal with Uniprint 8.x. 
Starting with Uniprint 8.0, the Omega PS100 terminal is no longer officially supported. It is no longer
included as part of Pharos certification testing for newer versions of Uniprint.  If problems were to
be found, they would not be fixed.


Although it is not officially supported, no changes have been made to prevent their operation. 
Uniprint 8.x does not accept the original PS100 schema (used to determine the PS100 settings).
The Knowledge Base article Uniprint 8.x ‐ XML schema file to use for Omega PS100 describes the steps
needed to modify the PS100 schema for use in Uniprint 8.x.


The Omega PS100 terminal has been replaced by the Omega PS200 terminal.  The PS200
provides the functionality of the PS100.




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12 October, 2011