Does Blueprint Policy Print Support Citrix VDI Technology?

Blog Post created by toleary on Aug 7, 2013

The Blueprint PrintScout supports installation on Citrix VDI clients, and all features and functions of the PrintScout are supported as well. This means that the following:

  • Policy Print will popup and notify the user correctly when they have triggered a policy
  • Desktop management (deletion) of Secure Release Here jobs
  • Secure Release Here print job delegation
  • Tracking of "local" and print server queue-based jobs

will work. The one caveat to this statement is that there may be normalization issues due to the way print queues can be defined within the Citrix session (in other words, the queues will most likely require manual normalization to a device).


Please note that if the Blueprint PrintScout software (any released version as of 10 Oct 2017) is installed with the "/installonbaseimage" switch within the VDI infrastructure, users' policies, delegate selections, and logical printers will be removed and recreated between sessions because the logical definition of the VDI client changes.